Sunday, February 11, 2007


This morning I saw Babel, starring Brad Pitt and Adriana Barraza.

Here are ten things I learned by watching it:

1. Don't go on vacation to an undesirable place just because your spouse wants to go.

2. Don't leave children unattended with rifles.

3. Seek counseling for any person who finds the dead body of their suicidal parent.

4. Being deaf is difficult.

5. If you're an immigrant and you want to work in the United States, become a legal citizen.

6. Don't drink and drive.

7. Don't provoke border guards.

8. Don't stand for political red tape getting in the way of your welfare when traveling abroad.

9. Always have a backup babysitter.

10. Don't run from your problems, even if they're difficult to deal with (i.e. accidental death of a child).

What's funny is that I knew all of the above before I sat through this movie.

We're all supposed to learn how to communicate with one another to achieve harmony in this world. Point taken.

This better not win Best Picture.


chris morrell said...

James McAvoy , IS Scottish (Glasgow) ..he IS the new Ewan McGregor.. he won BAFTA best newcomer last year ..
He did look a LITTLE "abashed" , let's say, when HIS personal reward at the BAFTAs was when Forest Whitaker praised him during HIs acceptance speech... The good BBC thing that Michael was thinking of was "State Of Play"..
He was also in another great T.V.
thing called "Shameless" ..
Current other stuff, is a VERY British based "Rom Com" called
"Starter for Ten" , based around
appearing on "University Challenge" , a long-standing T.V
Quiz show... As far as your review goes i think you sounded A LITTLE too hung-up on your percieved "Hi-Jacking" of the "Seminal" Hi -Jacking"
(" Raid on Entebbe")...mmmm
..the biggest "off-hand" reference to ME in the U.K. was the expulsion of ALL Asians from Uganda.."you didnt persuade me Nicholas!!" ..they were given British citizenship, and have shaped British society ( and my personal World) in many ways since.. It's what I think of straight away when i think of Idi Amin...and you didnt even mention the stereotypically "creepy" British Embassy Official Touche
( no grave accent on a keyboard?)
Cheers Chris M

chris morrell said...

Sorry Tassoula , that comment was obviously directed at the "Last King of Scotland" podcast...not Babel, by the way, i like your "deconstruction list" of that
silly Film
Cheers Chris M

Tassoula said...

No worries, Chris - I knew what you meant. :)

I'm just glad to have you as a listener/reader/fellow filmgoer.

chris morrell said... last thing, "Life On Mars" first series
IS out on DVD , so i had NO excuses for not "immersing" is the biggest T.V show over here at the moment,rivalling "24" for plaudits/fandom.. (!!??)