Monday, March 26, 2007

First Snow

Tonight I saw a screening of First Snow, starring Guy Pearce.

This film was disappointing, despite an excellent performance by the always-good Guy Pearce.

Set in the southwest, the movie follows Jimmy (Pearce) on a personal journey of paranoia after a side-of-the-road fortune teller informs him he will only live until the First Snow.

First of all, the scenes where Jimmy consults with the 'psychic' are somewhat ridiculous because of the character they have painted him to be. Someone as slick as Jimmy would never take the word of a fortune teller as gospel and certainly wouldn't live his life based on the findings even if he did.

Second, the film feels like it's trying to be 'A History of Violence' meets 'Snatch' and it doesn't achieve the feeling of either. But the problem is not in the acting—Pearce and his supporting cast (a girlfriend, a few coworkers and a blatant enemy) do just fine. The issue is in the writing, which is shamelessly cheesy and undoubtedly predictable.

Lastly, although the movie has a clear, solid ending, it leaves you wondering what you were supposed to take away from the film.

Personally, I didn't take much.

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