Friday, June 01, 2007


Today I saw Once, a harmonic love story starring Glen Hansard and Mark├ęta Irglova.

If I was forced to describe this film in one word it would be "chemistry."

The musical follows a guy and a girl (seriously—we're not sure of their names) as they meet on a Dublin street and fall in love...over music.

The guy is a street musician/vaccuum repair man who catches the eye of the girl who is a maid/flower salesperson, originally from the Czech Republic. There is an immediate spark between the two, and at first it seems as if the girl is chasing the boy.

Soon enough we learn the girl is married with a daughter and an estranged husband. This puts a damper on things, as the tables have quickly turned and the guy is the one doing the chasing.

Regardless, the two end up making beautiful music together—joining forces to create an actual CD with a handful of other musicians, and dancing around the topic that is their connection.

The movie is frustrating, as you're never quite sure the girl wants their love to be realized the way you and the guy character crave for it to be, but it's a beautiful journey nonetheless.

The original music, their undeniable chemistry and an especially gorgeous scene with a piano in the dark makes for a pretty romantic piece of art.

Go see it.

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SureFire Guy said...

Thanks for the review! It helps to hear from someone who's seen it.