Saturday, February 16, 2008

Om natten (At Night)

Today I saw Om natten, which is an Oscar® nominee in the Live Action Short Film category.

Set in a cancer hospital in Denmark, three young women bond over their "death sentences," their family problems and their hope for recovery (or lack thereof).

I always think one way to measure a good film is if it feels like the characters are still in existence after you leave the theater. With this one, I truly did.

The actresses that portray Stephanie, Sara and Mette deserve nominations of their own for their convincing moments as sick and conflicted women. The fact the film is set over the holidays only compounds the tears you'll shed as you dive into their world head-first, but you'll still be glad you spent time with them when all is said and done. After 39 minutes, I'm bargaining you'll feel grateful for your own blessings more than you did prior to seeing this.

If I could vote, this would easily be my pick to win.

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