Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Promotion

This morning I screened The Promotion, starring Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly.

Ordinary people are always great subjects for films because nine times out of ten there is nothing 'ordinary' about them. Maybe that's why this movie works.

Doug (Scott) is the assistant manager at a chain grocery store hoping to be named the manager of a new store that is opening nearby. He and his wife (the adorable Jenna Fischer) are scrimping and saving to get out of their noisy apartment, and a manager's salary could afford them a house.

Also hoping for a promotion is Richard (Reilly), who recently moved to the states from Canada with his Scottish wife (the versatile Lili Taylor) and daughter. He is a recovering drug addict who frequently relies on self-help tapes to get him through the day. Unfortunately for Doug, he's also a marvelous worker with a positive attitude.

Their both pretty normal people, but their minor quirks make them interesting enough for us to care. The antics begin early on and carry the film to the very end—which is something you'll clearly see coming. The supporting characters you'd expect (worthless manager, devoted wife, stuffy corporate reps) are all present and predictable, but it's okay in this case because the dialogue is so funny.

It's not the smartest film that's ever been made, and no profound lessons will be learned from viewing it, but you sure will have a good time.

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