Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Today I saw Hancock, starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron.

Smith plays John Hancock, a reluctant and mysterious superhero with the power to fly, bounce bullets off his body and lift tons of weight. This comes in handy when the LAPD can't nail the bad guys.

The catch is that Hancock is also a sloppy alcoholic, who is sometimes more trouble than he is worth.

Enter Ray (Jason Bateman), an ambitious PR representative who is saved by Hancock, and wants to re-make his image to repay him.

Hancock is at first resistant to the suggestion, but soon grows warmer to the plan and agrees to adhere to his suggestions.

What unfolds is an action montage laden with special effects and surprise twists. Charlize Theron's character Mary, the wife of Ray, transforms from a supporting background character to a vital main character and adds her own dose of hero.

The movie sometimes feels like two different stories, as the transition is abrupt, but it's still an entertaining and humorous (if not at times vulgar) ride.

For Independence Day week, what more can Americans really demand?

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