Friday, October 17, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

I enjoy chatting with many of you via e-mail about films and television shows, and I've found that I get a lot of the same questions asked over and over again, so I thought I'd answer them here, in one blog entry, and then if folks ask again, I can simply send them the link.

Here goes:

1) What are the podcasts that you participate in called?

Cinebanter (my movie review podcast with Michael Cummins of San Jose), @U2 (the U2-fan podcast produced by a site that I write for) and formerly the U2 Chatcast (created by a friend, Dan Eliot, who manages They are all available on iTunes (and there is a Cinebanter link in the sidebar of this blog).

2) Do you write any other blogs?

Yes. In addition to this, I have a MySpace blog (also linked from the sidebar here) and as a staff writer, I contribute to the @U2 blog from time to time.

3) What is your day job?

I am a Public Relations/Marketing Manager for a gifted elementary school in Washington State. Before that I was a fashion advertising writer for 8 years.

4) Where are you from?

Originally, Portland, Oregon, but I've lived in several places (Columbia, MO, Mesa, AZ, etc.)

5) Did you go to college?

Yes. I hold a Bachelor's degree with distinction in English from Columbia College in Missouri.

6) Are you married?


7) Do you have children?


8) What is your favorite movie of all time?

This is a tough one. Sentimentally, I'd vote for Back to the Future or Before Sunrise, but on merit probably Gone With the Wind.

9) What is your favorite TV show of all time?

Family Ties

10) Do you like any bands besides U2?

Yes. The Beatles are actually my favorite band. U2 is my favorite "living" band. I also love Joe Jackson, Duran Duran, Cheap Trick and Billy Joel, in addition to scores of others.

11) If you went to the store to buy a DVD, what would it be?

My Amazon Film Wishlist is in the sidebar. See for yourself.

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