Thursday, December 04, 2008


Last night I saw Milk, starring Sean Penn and Josh Brolin.

It was the topic of Cinebanter #64, which is available for download here.

I also recommend checking out this brilliant documentary about Harvey Milk's life:

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Aaron said...

I think that after Penn, who was incredible, the best performance was not Brolin or Franco, but Hirsch. You just get so giddy when you first see him on screen, and he has the second most screen time. Its funny how Hirsch's persona is someone real, but he's such a character, and after seeing Into The Wild, you just contrast both and see how incredible of a range he has.

I also wish that Alison Pill, who had such a great intoduction into the movie, was almost never used. But that was the thing about this movie, which is that Anne Kroenberg (her character) was probably just the same -- meaning that it doesn't try to romanticize things but remains historical accurate the best it can.

I thought it was great, but not amazing.

Best part by FAR was Emile Hirschs' Dancing. Just laugh-out-loud hillarious.