Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Nemo 3D

Tonight I saw the Pixar classic, Finding Nemo, in 3D.

Though I've seen the film dozens of times, until this evening, I had never seen it in 3D. And oh, how beautiful it was!

Nemo (Alexander Gould), a young clown fish, is angry with his father on the first day of school and swims to a nearby boat. His father, Marlin (Albert Brooks), goes after him but doesn't make it in time and a scuba diver scoops Nemo up.

The young fish lands in an aquarium at a Sydney, Australia dental office; his father desperately sets out (despite his own fears about the ocean) to find him.

Marlin soon meets up with a female fish, Dory, who is voiced by a hilarious Ellen DeGeneres. She suffers from short-term memory challenges, but thankfully remembers the address on the scuba diver's goggles so they can try to get to Nemo.

Nemo meanwhile has made friends with his fellow aquarium fish, as they are busy planning their escape.

Will they reunite? Well, if you haven't seen it by now, you should get yourself to a theater.

As with every Pixar film, there are delightful tidbits for the adults to enjoy while the kids marvel at the visuals. This is all underlined with a healthy dose of heart, delivered sentimentally in just the right places.

I think after seeing the vibrant ocean life pop with new dimension, I love this film even more than I did before.


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