Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today I saw the animated feature, ParaNorman.

Norman isn't like other children. 
Kids don't like him because he's different; his family grows tired of his paranormal claims. Basically, he sees ghosts and hardly anyone believes him.
His one true friend, Neil, a chubby kid that deals with bullies of his own, does have faith he's telling the truth and wants to help Norman as he prepares to save their village from an end-of-days curse.
Throughout this film there's a healthy mix of every-day kid situations (obnoxious older siblings; idiot classmates that pick on others because they're not as smart as their victims) and historical/paranormal references including everything from witch trials to modern-day zombies. The balance is good, but I would hesitate taking a small child to see this. Aside from the obvious frightening scenes, there would be a lot of explaining to do on the part of the adult.
The afterlife is a major theme, as is that of bullying and the treatment of social outcasts.
Overall it sends a wonderful message about how we all should treat each other while marveling us with gorgeous animation wrapped into a very sweet story.
A wonderful escape, especially during the spooky fall season.

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