Friday, December 07, 2012

Killing Them Softly

Yesterday I saw Killing Them Softly, starring Brad Pitt and Richard Jenkins.

Jackie (Pitt) is brought in to restore order to a community of criminals after some amateurs rob a mobster card game.

His driver (Jenkins) acts as a supervisor removed from the violence; Mickey (James Gandolfini) is the pro Jackie outsources to finish off a guy who knows him.

In between this all, some other men get high (and we're treated to an ridiculously long scene from their POV), while another gets almost beaten to death for the robbery (though he was uninvolved).

There's also a beautiful hooker, a lot of drinks, multiple gun shots, a few driving scenes and even a shot of one of the criminals walking his dog.

I'm not sure if this film was an attempt at Tarantino-style action or just a very confusing episode of The Sopranos gone wrong, but whatever it was, it wasted the wealth of talent within.

Be smart and skip this one.


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Johan said...

Just wanted to say: Great blog! :D Read it as often as I can (have followed you half a year), good views on what´s important in motion pictures :) I started my own blog (about my life/way to become a director for a living) and wondered if you wanted to do a "shoutout-post" for it? :D (If you like it;)

You dont have to, otherwise just keep going on! Cheers! :D