Wednesday, July 23, 2014


On Saturday I saw Chef, starring Jon Favreau and Sofia Vergara.

Carl (Favreau) is a chef who is predictably passionate about food. He cares about the flavors, the art, the romance—all of it. And he cares about the review he’s going to receive from a famous critic due to dine in his restaurant that very night.

After he’s visited his local farmer’s market stand, crafted an exciting menu with his team and has his A-game ready to go, his boss throws a wrench into his creative plan and instructs him to cook the same menu he’s been cooking for years. Devastated, he complies. 

Unfortunately, the critic is not pleased and rakes him over the coals in his review. This sparks a Twitter war between the two and Carl is left without a job (or options).

The mother of his child, Inez, (Vergara) has a connection that she thinks can help him get back on his feet and before he knows it, he’s cooking again, making himself (and everyone around him) very happy.

The story is a great illustration of the benefits of following your bliss. 

Sure, there’s a bit of the “corporate big brother” feel in the boss character; and the point of him ignoring his boy is driven home more than it needs to be, but the joy Carl finds in his passion for food is nothing short of inspiring to see.

Let it be a lesson to us all.

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