Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love is Strange

Tonight I saw Love is Strange, starring John Lithgow and Marisa Tomei.

Ben (Lithgow) has loved George (Alfred Molina) for nearly 40 years. When we meet them, it's their wedding day; a joyous occasion celebrated intimately with close friends and family. A short time later, we see them gathered with the same group of people for a more somber reason: George has lost his job.

As a longtime music teacher in a faith-based school, the higher-ups can no longer ignore his homosexuality and let him go. As a result he and Ben have to find someplace to live, but the only one of their loved ones that has a spare room lives over two hours away, so they must split up.

George remains close to their prior home with friends, sleeping on their living room couch; Ben moves in with his nephew and his family, bunking with his grandnephew, teenage Joey. It's not an ideal situation, but they appreciate the kindness they are shown and do their best to be good houseguests.

Life goes on, but the strain is hard on everyone including Kate (Tomei) who can't focus on her writing with her houseguest always around. And poor George, who can't sleep because his hosts like to perpetually party.

At first, it feels like the film isn't really going anywhere, it's slow pace begging to be accelerated, but when it nears the end, your heart is undeniably full.

The touching performance by Lithgow, complemented by the conflict reflected in Tomei's eyes make you ache for a better solution for all of them. It's a cast of likeable, humble characters just trying to get through life's injustices without feeling sorry for themselves.

They're doing the best they can with the bad hand they've been dealt and that's a feeling I suspect all of us have had at one time or another.

It's also a lesson to keep love close to your heart if you're lucky enough to find it.


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