Sunday, July 05, 2015

Ted 2

Last night I saw Ted 2, starring Mark Wahlberg and the voice of Seth MacFarlane.

When we last saw Ted the talking teddy bear (MacFarlane), he had fallen in love with his colleague Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). When this film opens, they're tying the knot.

But just like any other couple, soon there's trouble in paradise and Ted is desperate to save his marriage. On the advice of a mutual friend, Ted suggests they have a baby and Tami-Lynn couldn't be happier. The only problem? Ted doesn't have the appropriate baby-making body part.

After a few attempts to find a surrogate, they decide a smarter route would be to try to adopt, but when they apply they're told it won't be possible because the state of Massachusetts doesn't recognize Ted as a real person. Hilarity ensues.

Actually, the whole movie is funny. It's ridiculous, filthy, and wildly inappropriate, but yes—it's funny. A running Google joke had me in tears it was so good. The delivery of each actor (and some phenomenal cameos) was brilliant. I'm not remotely ashamed to admit I liked it.

On the negative side (if you don't mind the filth) was the continuation of Hasbro villain Donny (Giovonni Ribisi) trying to reclaim Ted. What was supposed to be creepy induced yawns and what could have been the climax (pun intended) was anything but that.

It's okay though, I laughed enough at every other part of the story to forgive it for this sin.


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