Friday, November 22, 2019

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Yesterday I saw Brittany Runs a Marathon, starring Jillian Bell and Jennifer Dundas.

Based on a real woman who transformed her life, the film tells the story of Brittany, an overweight twenty-something who likes to have fun. Perhaps too much fun.

After an awkward doctor's appointment where she's basically diagnosed as being "fat," Brittany decides to take control of her life and does just that. She takes up running, leaves a troublesome friend behind, makes new friends and resumes dating. Along the way she goes through the natural ups and downs associated with life changes and finds herself in situations that result in some not-so-great behavior.

Jillian Bell is fantastic in this role because she makes you sympathize with her pain, yet get angry at her mishaps. She's also got perfect comedic timing, which keeps the dialog from getting formulaic. Her actions felt real and by the time the film was over, us audience members felt like an honorary friend who shared her journey.

I was a bit annoyed by her romantic partner and the predictability of their progression, but other than that, this was a sweet little film.


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