Friday, February 28, 2020


Tonight I saw the short film Stuck, starring Steve Blackwood and Sandy Bainum.

"It's not a crime scene, it's a situation!"

George (Blackwood) and Helen (Bainum) want to take their intimacy to the next level, so they order a sex machine to spice things up. It arrives the evening of an important dinner they're hosting for clients ... but they hit a snag when the delivery boy gets stuck in the contraption, rendered unconscious.

The remainder of the film is witnessing the couple as they feverishly try to troubleshoot their way out of this predicament and prepare for their evening. Their banter alternates from manic to borderline sentimental as they explore the possibility of how their guests would react if they knew what was upstairs, while simultaneously brainstorming ways to conceal their issue.

Blackwood's high energy is reminiscent of his character Bart on Days of Our Lives, and Bainum is definitely a match with her expressive actions and speech.

All-in-all a fun, 14-minute romp.


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