Friday, June 12, 2009

My Life in Ruins

Tonight I saw My Life in Ruins, starring Nia Vardalos and Richard Dreyfuss.

As a half-Greek girl with a father from the Old Country, and a big fan of the star's former film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I felt it was my civic duty to give this shameless chick flick a chance. Boy, was I wrong.

When we meet Georgia (Vardalos) she's already miserable—she's moved to Athens to teach at the University and been laid off. To make ends meet she took a job as a tour guide and now tries to impart her infinite architectural and historical wisdom on groups of tourists who would rather just get a cone of ice cream.

After naming off the stereotypical people that come on her tours (the "ugly" Americans, the divorcées, the old people, etc.) they all load on to the bus and from there on out, we know what's coming at every turn.

There's the not-so-funny guy Irv (Dreyfuss) that annoys everyone, a British couple with an angst-filled teenager who wants to go to the beach, drunken Australians who are there to just be...drunk, and a bus driver that gets more handsome as the tour progresses.

Nia is charming, and the gorgeous shots of Greek ruins and seascapes are lovely to see, but the love story was too predictable to be satisfying, and the jokes throughout just weren't very funny.

It would've been better had they shown instead of told.

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Anonymous said...

Nia is re-teaming with John Corbett for the rom-com "I Hate Valentine's Day." It's coming out soon.