Saturday, May 14, 2011


This morning I saw Bridesmaids, starring Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne.

Though it's tempting to compare the film to all of its male counterparts, I'll refrain from doing so because while it may have similar scenarios, it's definitely its own comedic beast.

The trouble begins when Lillian (Maya Rudolph) tells her best friend Annie (Wiig) that she is engaged.

The two have been BFFs since childhood, so naturally Annie is chosen to be her Maid of Honor, and naturally Annie represents the typical, pathetic, Single White Female who is incapable of having a successful relationship, etc.

Of course nothing is going Annie's way: the man she's sleeping with treats her terribly, she hates her job, has obnoxious roommates and a crappy car. If I hadn't been a similar version of Annie in real life just a few short years ago (I had everything but the roommates), I wouldn't have believed her. But having been there, I get that life can be that sad.

Enter Helen (Byrne), an equally miserable, yet undeniably gorgeous, wealthy married woman who is threatening to steal Lillian away from Annie amidst the grand plans for the wedding.

It's all highly predictable (women behave like women and back-stab each other until someone's asked to leave), but that doesn't mean that it's not enjoyable.

With the exception of a completely unnecessary food poisoning scene, most of the laughs you'll get from the film are quite original. The presence of Mike and Molly's Melissa McCarthy as Megan, sister of the groom, adds a tremendous spark to the ensemble and the added bonus of Chris O'Dowd as a police officer who keeps running into Annie is also a joy to watch. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a good Jon Hamm sex scene?

I scratched my head at the Wilson Phillips inclusion (didn't these SNL girls see Spring Breakdown, a film starring OTHER SNL girls who used the same song?), but do admit to tearing up just a little in the end.

It really is a fun, hopeful film for all the single ladies. And I bet that guys will laugh too.



Journey Planet said...

I wasn't as convinced, though I admit I thought there were some great moments. It was just way too long and whoever was editing really didn't get the comedic timing down. The perfect example is the porcupine scene. It just dragged out when I was almost yelling out "cut to the porcupine!" and when they finally did, the entire comedic potential energy had run out.

Still, Wiig was decent in her first starrer, It's good to see Maya Rudolph in a big role and I am always happy to see Matt Lucas working on this side of the Atlantic.


Tracy said...

I must agree with Journey Planet in a sense. It was a pretty funny movie, but the length and lackluster editing prevented it from being a very funny movie. Nice review, though!